5 Month Postpartum Progress

Four and a half months ago I gained a title that changed my life forever: Mom. It’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around. In fact most days I feel like I should still be 22 and just graduated from college. It’s like one of my favorite songs by Steve Moakler says,  “Sometimes it feels like life’s just a set of wheels…” Isn’t that so true? That’s why we have to embrace it and remember that the small mundane moments with our kids and loved ones are actually the moments that mean the most. The little stuff is the big stuff- ya know?

So that’s what I’ve been trying to do. Soak in the here and now and be super present every moment I’m with my girl.  Most days I stink at this, but I’m trying and that’s what matters most.

I say all of this to say that just like you, time is limited and life just keeps flying by. Between juggling work, time with my fam and running Fit for His Glory there are days that the last thing I feel like I have time for is myself. That’s why most days my legs are prickly and my hair is covered up with a hat (ain’t nobody got time for that- but seriously). Mom guilt is a real thing and something that we ALL struggle with to some degree. But here’s what I have realized- I am a BETTER mom, wife, employee, coach, small group leader, etc. when I take a little bit of time each day and sweat. Not to wear a size 2 jeans but to feel confident, energetic and ready to take on whatever the day ahead of me brings!

Life is flying by me and you and in order to give each day our best we have to give God our best! Use our time wisely, take care of our families and give our work our best.  If we say we are going to wait until things aren’t so crazy then we will NEVER start.

So today I wanted to share my four and a half month post baby results. Not perfect results, but results that I am seriously SO PROUD of myself for! I have officially lost 25 pounds since the end of November (when I was released to workout) and 40 pounds since I was pregnant.

What’s gotten me these results? CONSISTENCY. I’ve been sticking to my Beachbody on Demand workouts and since my life is a little busy, the short workouts I can do at home have been a TRUE timesaver. I have been FAR from perfect with my nutrition, but when I have fallen off of the bandwagon I have picked myself back up and gotten back on track.  That’s what matters and all of that has made the difference for me!

One thing I can also say is that working out while pregnant had a huge impact on how quickly my body responded when I started working out post baby. So as much as working out after is important, being sure to keep working out during my pregnancy was crucial.

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Caroline Foster



April 10, 2017

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