5 Tips to Starting Again After Giving Up

So you gave up. You threw in the towel when it got hard. Not because you didn’t have the desire but because starting something new and sticking to it isn’t easy. Maybe this season of life is sucking everything out of you and showing up for yourself just seems impossible. I want you to know first and foremost that you are not alone but here’s what I DO KNOW of you- you won’t let this hold you down for long. You will get up, push through and by taking SMALL STEPS you’ll start to see BIG CHANGE.

I’ve been working in health and fitness for 7 years now and if I have learned anything it’s that the journey’s that withhold the messy storms are the ones with the firmest foundation. Those foundations often come after months and years of small steps. Not leaps and bounds but concrete and consistent steps. You may feel like working out 3 days a week for 20 minutes isn’t much but let me tell you what sister- you are BUILDING A FIRM FOUNDATION. In the end consistency is what will get you results.

But here’s what I also know- when you give up it’s a lot harder to pick yourself up and jump back in that’s why committing to small steps in the beginning is SO important. But maybe you didn’t do that, that’s ok. Here’s what I want you to do now that you gave up:

  1. Pray daily for discipline. It may seem silly to ask God for the DISCIPLINE AND STRENGTH to show up consistently, but let me remind you that God isn’t the God of just Sundays. He’s not just the God of parenting and marriage, He is LORD OF ALL THINGS in your life. He cares about the details and they matter to Him. So ask Him for strength to show up, be consistent and put in the work. Don’t just ask once, ask every day. Surrender your own will and strength every morning and ask Him to help you show up even when you don’t “feel” like it.
  2. Commit to a workout program and print off the calendar. If you don’t have a calendar to go along with the program, make your own. Either way you need something to print off, hang in your workout space and check off each time you workout. While I am at it, can I give you permission to just move your body each day? Maybe your goal is to workout 3 days a week starting out and the other days you just walk. I don’t care if you finish a 21 day program in 50 days. You still finished and DONE is better than perfect.
  3. Pick a meal plan and stick to it. I’m not a legalist when it comes to getting fit and healthy. I don’t believe my program and meal plan is the only way, because it’s not. Truth is most things work if you work. The secret is finding the thing you can commit to. Pick the nutrition plan/program and then make a game plan for the week. I always take Sunday to make our meal plan for the next week and print it off.
  4. Meal prep so you stay on track when temptation comes. After I meal plan I then take time to order my groceries and prep the food for the week. Why is this important? Because when temptation or hunger hits, you need healthy food to grab. Think about Esua, he gave away his birthright because he was hungry. And we think we won’t go for unhealthy food when we are hungry? WRONG. This is why having a game plan and healthy food is so important.
  5. Get accountability to lean into when you feel like giving up. You’re not immune just because the other 4 things are in place, but having a group of people to text when your lacking motivation is HUGE. This will help you push past when you just want to throw in the towel.


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Caroline Foster



February 18, 2021

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