New Year, New Mindset

Old Mindset- New Year, New me.
New Mindset- New Year, fresh chance to realign my habits with my goals and keep on this journey of becoming more like Jesus.

As we prepare for a new year in an industry that has a tendency and reputation of being focused on new years resolutions and “new year, new you” I want to invite you into something different. I want to invite you to lay your goals and dreams at the feet of Jesus in 2022.

I started experiencing unbelievable FREEDOM in my health, fitness, parenting, marriage and business when I stopped striving and trying to make things happen on my own and started working hard and trusting God with the results. This is what the girls at She Works His Way call “surrendered effort.”

The reality is no genuine success or growth in life is instant. Life is not a clickable link. God is in control of the timing and outcome, but we must show up with excellence and trust Him to take care of the rest. BUT in the resting we have to truly let go of what we think the best outcome looks like. We have to trust that God’s journey is always going to be better than ours.

This month I have been reading two incredible books. The first is the “Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson and the second is the “She Works His Way” book by Michelle Myers and Somer Phoebes. Talk about a winning combination! I love Jeff’s book and practical tips to truly seeing growth in your life and goals. The slight edge is built around the importance of daily disciplines and habits.

The reality is there is a natural progression to success (much like planting a tree of flower). First you plant, then it’s cultivated, and lastly you experience the harvest. Cultivating can only happen over the course of time. It’s not instant and it’s not something you can control. You do everything you can to create a space for that growth by watering it, giving it fertilizer, etc. but ultimately the outcome is out of your control.

So this year instead of setting new years resolutions can we just commit to a life long journey of becoming more like Jesus. Use the end of this year to reflect and makesure your goals ALIGN with that mission + focus. Results come from the decisions we make the MAJORITY of the time. Your daily habits should work towards the goals of growth in your walk with the Lord and continue to work with excellence at the callings he has given you.

Remember- nothing changes, if nothing changes. Lets use the start of a fresh new year to realign and make sure our goals are in line with the mission and journey of becoming more like Jesus.

Caroline Foster



December 20, 2021

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