Staying Healthy and EXCITED about your health during the Holidays!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are quickly approaching and I know what you are already thinking, “I am just going to enjoy this holiday season and I will worry about getting back on track with my health in the new year.”

CALLED IT. Am I right?

I know because for a long time I did the same thing. I had an “all in” or “all out” mindset. I would cycle from “diet mode” to throwing in the towel CONSTANTLY. But then I discovered that I could fuel and move my body from a place of “having to” to a place of “getting to!” I no longer punish myself for eating and enjoying food. Now I just move my body to feel good and fuel it to feel even better!

Confession: I am going to eat whatever I want on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve + Christmas Day and I won’t spend a second feeling guilty about it. And neither should you. One day (or even a few days scattered through a month) does NOT define you!

Instead of having an “all in” or “all out” mindset about our health let’s trade it for JOY this holiday season! Here’s a few tips for staying healthy AND EXCITED about your health this Holiday season:

Lose the Shame. So what if you have a day where you overate? Wake up the next day and keep going. One day (or a couple of days) won’t derail you! Make a list of things you love about your body and focus on having a THANKFUL heart.
Set some small, attainable goals for yourself knowing that your schedule will be tighter and the likelihood of getting in 6 workouts a week + staying 100% on plan with your eating might be harder. Example: Set a goal of moving your body each day by walking or working out. Maybe it’s 2-3 workouts and on the other days it’s simply going on a bike ride with your kids.
Focus on drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day. Most of the time we eat more when we are dehydrated. If you’re drinking water it will help you feel fuller.
Fill your plate with lots of veggies. At a christmas party and want to enjoy a few treats? Do it! Just fill your plate with some of the foods that include veggies and your body will feel fuller + less likely to overindulge in the desserts.
If you wake up feeling blah through the holidays or like you just want to cuddle up on the couch, maybe try asking a friend to join you for a workout? A lot of times we let the extra food weigh us down instead of letting it energize us for workouts and movement. You’ll be surprised by the number of your family and friends who will be excited about joining you for a walk after dinner or lunch > binge watching movies.
Lastly- focus on finding fun ways to move your body and enjoy healthy foods! Try new recipes, walk or run in a turkey trot- just ENJOY the gift of movement!

I hope these simple tips are helpful for you this holiday season friend! Remember- Thanksgiving and Christmas are special because of the people we get to share them with. The conversations, the laughter, the moments together. Soak them in and be more focused on the togetherness this Thanksgiving and Christmas.

With JOY,

Caroline Foster



November 22, 2021

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