5 Tips to Sticking to Your Goals This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day… we have so much to celebrate between now and 2017! While the holidays are one of my favorite times of the year, they can be difficult when it comes to sticking with our health and fitness goals.  This year will present new challenges for me as I will have just had Emmaline and have a lot of weight to get off over the next few months. Did I mention I am in a wedding in the next few weeks too?

So how do we enjoy the holiday’s while sticking to our health and fitness goals?

1) Set realistic goals. Be real with yourself about what’s attainable this time of year. Maybe your goal is to simply not gain weight this holiday season or maybe your goal is to eat clean 80{330e7cb45c8199250092be4e6fbd7fb8ac8b22862df2b813e015fdaaac04302a} of the time and enjoy the holiday’s and family time the other 20{330e7cb45c8199250092be4e6fbd7fb8ac8b22862df2b813e015fdaaac04302a}. Setting realistic goals will keep you from feeling less guilt and more freedom this holiday season.

2) Choose 1 treat, not 3. Instead of eating every dessert this holiday, make a goal to eat one desset that you really enjoy!

3) Get some accountability. Find a friend that is willing to check in with you through the holiday’s and ask you how your goals are coming along. They don’t have to have the EXACT same goals as you, but they should be willing to share their progress as well.

4) Get lots of H20! Often times when we think we are hungry we are actually just thirsty. Be sure you are getting the recommended amount of water each day in order to flush your body out and not confuse thirst for hunger.

5) Keep moving! It’s easy to get lazy during the holidays, especially as the weather becomes colder. Although working out doesn’t necessarily cancel out unhealthy eating, it can help your body keep things moving and it will keep your energy high.

Caroline Foster



November 21, 2016

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