10 Things I Have Learned After 10 Years of Marriage

10 years! It’s hard to believe that Brian and I are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary today.

To celebrate I wanted to share 10 things I have learned about God, marriage and relationships over the past decade:

1. The best way to love your spouse and better your marriage is to pursue a more intimate relationship with Jesus. The more you know Him and love like Him, the better you will love your spouse.

2. Look for ways you can serve your spouse! When you’re focused on serving them > expecting things from them, your entire attitude will change.

3. Get to know their love language and look for ways to show them love regularly!

4. Have boundaries around your marriage and relationship. You may think you don’t need them, but you do! Our flesh is weak and little compromises over time are what results in bigger issues down the road. Protect what matters.

5. Make intimacy a priority. This is something you’ve got to make space for. Your husband needs it and so do you!

6. Pray together daily! I truly believe that praying together is a SUPER POWER inside of marriage. Be bound together and fiercely pray for your family, friends, jobs, goals, church and every area of life.

7. Be each others cheerleader! Look for ways to encourage each other and spur each other on in what God has called you to do. Listen, communicate and do everything you can to help each other be successful!

8. OVER COMMUNICATE. Talk about everything and bring everything to the light.

9. Have fun together! Make enjoyment and relaxation together in your marriage a priority.

10. Prioritize your marriage over every other relationship. One day your kids will grow up and move out. Make your marriage a priority and remember they are watching you to know how to love their future spouse!

I hope these encourage and challenge someone today. Praying you have an amazing week and month!”

10 Year Anniversary

Caroline Foster



June 1, 2023

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