Things I Have Learned Since Becoming a MOM

One year ago I took on a title that changed my life forever- MOM. The truth is it’s a MUCH MUCH bigger task than anyone could ever even dream up. I have a TON of respect for mom’s now that I have become one. Before I became a mom I THOUGHT I knew how hard it was but I knew nothing. Let’s be clear- babysitting and being a mom are MUCH different. Not trying to downplay the role and hard work of a babysitter but being a mom never ends. You don’t just leave your child and go do your thing. In fact even when you’re away from your child you’re thinking about them the WHOLE time. They are apart of you and you’re apart of them.


Here’s a few things I discovered over the past year…

  • Mom’s are LUCKY to get 8 hours of sleep. There is no such thing as going to bed late and sleeping in a little bit later. Kids wake up at the same time EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yes- even on the weekends.
  • You will be judged no matter what you do with your kid. No matter if you’re a working mom, stay at home mom, breastfeeding mom, formula feeding mom- people will always state their opinions and SOMEONE will disagree with how you do things.
  • Everyone will try to tell you their opinion on how you should parent your child and they will try tell you “what your kid will do” because they think they know your kid better then you do.
  • As a mom you never get to use the bathroom by yourself unless someone happens to be holding your child. Be ready for them to pull up on your leg while you try to use the restroom- every. single. time.
  • You will love your child SO much that you hate being away from them. Even when you need a break you will miss them the whole time your away. You’ll be so ready to go to bed and then as soon as you put them down, you miss them.
  • You will melt the second they say “mama” or “dada”.
  • You will have mom guilt and feel bad when you can’t be with them.
  • It will break your heart when they scream as you walk away.
  • You will better understand the love of Jesus when you become a parent. Suddenly you will see what true, unconditional love really looks like and you will love your own parents even more.
  • You will always put them > you. It will become harder and harder to make time for you.
  • You will have to be REALLY intentional with your time. Hustling during nap time to get a workout in or spend time working on your business. Time will become even MORE finite and you will have to learn to get hyper focused!
  • You will love your spouse even more then you ever imagined once you see them become a parent, BUT your marriage will take more intentionality. Make time for your spouse and remember they ALWAYS come first.
  • You will have to embrace grace as a mom. You are going to mess up and some days you are going to get it all wrong BUT if you are focused on truly growing and being famous in heaven and at home then you are headed in the right direction.

Becoming a mom has been one of the most humbling things I have ever walked through. It’s brought me and Brian SO much joy to watch E learn and grow. We are so thankful to have been entrusted with her life and truly believe parenting her to love the Lord and shine bright for Him is one of the highest callings on our lives.


If you’re a mother can I just tell you that YOU ARE STRONG, WORTHY AND ENOUGH. God loves you more then you could ever imagine and you are doing KINGDOM work! Those kiddos think you are the best thing ever and no matter how many times you fall and have to pick yourself back up, they will love you the same just like Jesus. Keep pursuing Him, keep being bold and obedient and never question for a SECOND that God hasn’t equipped you with everything you need to shepherd those little ones well.


Cheering you on,


Caroline Foster



November 30, 2017

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