Sure Thing Review by Megan Davies – My Results, and More.

Megan Davies is back and I am excited to do Sure Thing review based on my personal experience in the official test group for the newest program on BODi.

Two and a half years ago after having Corban I was selected to be a part of Megan Davies first workout program with Beachbody, Muscle Burns Fat, test group. The experience + program changed my life. Since then I have helped hundreds of women get results with Muscle Burns Fat.

I was fortunate to be asked to be in the test group for Sure Thing before the official launch of the program.

In this post I am going to share all about the program, the workouts, my experience, and of course my results along with my before and afters.

Program Highlights

  • Program length: 8 weeks
  • 36 Workouts, 30-45 minutes each
  • 5 days a week
  • 2 cycles of 3 Weeks of working out, followed by 1 week of stretching and recovery (Periodization)
  • 8 Sure Thing Cycling Rides
  • 1 Sample Workout
  • Required Equipment:
    • Light, medium, and heavy dumbbells
    • Strength Slides
Megan Davies and Caroline Foster
Me and Megan after a workout at Leadership in 2021.

Sure Thing is About Feeling Great From Day 1

When it comes to taking care of your body, too often the focus is on the end result and not the day-to-day journey.

Super Trainer Megan Davies is here to change that. Her number one goal with this new program, Sure Thing, is to have you feeling great on Day 1.

The emphasis is on progress, not perfection, as you alternate between endurance and power-based strength training.

You will see your confidence grow while building strength, move by move, day by day. Every 4th week, you’ll hone in on intentional movement and functional recovery, so you can listen to what your body needs to keep thriving.

What Type of Workouts to Expect with Sure Thing

Megan is an expert in her field but also super down-to-earth—working out with her feels natural and empowering. This is why she is one of my favorite trainers!

Sure Thing uses a method of training called Type Training. This science-based approach is Megan’s secret weapon when it comes to staying challenged—but never overtrained— throughout the journey

Every week has a different type of training focus.

  • Endurance Weeks: Lighter weights and higher reps target type I (slow twitch) muscle fibers to push your stamina to the max. Cardio conditioning helps you scorch calories to get lean and sculpted.
  • Power Weeks: Slow and controlled heavy lifting targets type II (fast twitch) muscle fibers to help you build strength, while an explosive cardio day spikes your heart rate and keeps up the fat loss.
  • Functional Recovery Weeks: It’s all about intentional movement as you combine the lifting methods from previous weeks with mobility work to help ease soreness and promote recovery.

The program follows a periodization schedule, which means you do 3 weeks of working out, followed by 1 week of stretching and recovery.

My Journey with Sure Thing

As I previously mentioned, I was asked to be in the test group for the new program. This is my second test group with Megan, the first being Muscle Burns Fat.

First, Sure Thing Eating Plans for 2B Mindset and Portion Fix include meal and snack ideas to get you started day 1, I followed Portion Fix 80/20

I LOVED the 3 weeks on, 1 week of stretching format. I felt like my body needed the good stretch and week to rest after pushing myself for 3 weeks.

The workouts were fun and easy to follow. It almost felt choreographed once you started moving. The whole program had a nice flow to the workouts.

I ended up losing 9 pounds from the program. I feel strong, consistent, committed, lean and best of all- HEALTHY which I desperately needed after a year of transition and fighting postpartum hormones.

Check out these other test group members results

Here’s What You Need To Get Started

One year from now, where do you want to be in your health journey? Better sleep, better nutrition, more energy to chase your kids, feel better in your clothes, want to be ready for whatever opportunities the Lord brings you way… What is your goal? If you are looking to get results in your fitness and nutrition journey, I promise this program and bootcamp WILL WORK, if you work. Beginning in 2023, my online faith and fitness community and I will be doing this 8-week program together. 

We will focus on these simple, yet powerful workouts, have an easy (optional) nutrition plan to follow, and journey together through book/devotional together. 

This is one of the best gifts to give yourself this season – SURE results. A complete solution that will blow you away with the results. It is YOUR time, YOUR turn. Let’s do it together, sister! All you have to do is say yes and show up!

Order your product pack today and I will get you set-up for our bootcamp! 

Fill out this form and I will shoot you over an email + link to checkout:


Can’t wait to do this with you!

Cast of Sure Thing

Caroline Foster



December 5, 2022

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